10 Tips for Hotter Sex

Sex is wonderful at any time but sometimes couples fall into a trap where it can seem somewhat monotonous and unfulfilling. Don’t let that happen to you. Here are ten tips to spice up your sex life.

1 - Try a blindfold

You have probably heard that blind people have better senses of taste, hearing and smell - this compensates for their lack of sight to some degree. When you're blindfolded you temporarily gain some of these enhanced senses as well and of course sex is all about sensations.

In addition to enhance sensitivity blindfolding also adds an element of surprise and suspense into your lovemaking games. The partner who is blindfolded never knows what is going to happen to them next and is thus in a state of constant apprehension and arousal.

Blindfold your partner and tease him or her. Feathers, ice cubes and other common objects can be used to elicit surprise sensations and keep them wondering what they are about to receive.

Those masks that they sell to help you sleep on airplane flights are great as blindfolds but otherwise you can just use a plain scarf to achieve the same effect. Give blindfolding a try, it might open your eyes to new and exciting things!

2 - Move it out of the bedroom

Who says sex always needs to take place in the bedroom? There are other areas of your apartment or house that could be used for your erotic adventures, and often moving into a different location can make the ordinary seem extraordinary. You may find new uses for your furniture that you’d never imagined before!

Or go one step further and take it outside the house. A change of scene is great for both partners and a hotel or even a secluded area in the woods might make for an adventure that you'll remember for years to come. Just remember to abide by public decency laws or you may find yourself behind bars, admittedly that's outside of the bedroom but it's not exactly the ideal location that you were probably looking for!

3 - Role Play

Role play can be a great way to spice up an otherwise ordinary sex life. Dressing up and playing master-slave games can really be exciting, but just be sure the both partners are completely into it.

Some Partners has been known to go even a step further. I've heard stories of women who dress as street walkers and have their man pick them up in public locations. This is something you might want to try in an area of town where you don't know anyone!

Sex shops and costume stores have a wide variety of outfits that you can use to enhance your role play. Whatever your fantasy gravitates towards, a butler or a little school girl, you'll find a costume that's sure to please. Second Hand stores can also be a great source of these things at a much lower price.

4 - Massage

A sensual massage can warm up even the most frigid partner and is a great prelude to a night of wonderful love making. Don't just focus on the sexual organs, the legs, feet and back are areas that your partner will love to have massaged and they’re sure to show his or her appreciation afterwards.

Mutual massage is even better, this is where you take turns massaging one another. Take a trip to a sex shop or even a Body Works store and explore the different types of oils and aromatherapy candles that they stock. Pick them out together, a smell that you like might be something that your partner doesn't find appealing but between the two of you you're bound to find something that's mutually agreeable.

There are many books and guides on massage if you don't know what to do, however the best guide is your partner. Just ask for feedback while you're massaging him or her, you'll soon find all the spots that they like rubbed the most.

5 - Watch erotic movies together

Everyone has a different definition of what constitutes erotica and erotic movies. In most cases were not talking porn here, but depending upon the couple that can also be very exciting as long as both of you are into it.

Erotic movies have another benefit in that they can give you ideas for things that you can do to enhance your sex life as well as turn you on at the same time.These days video stores are practically non-existent but you can still explore erotic movie catalogs online and order them streaming from several services. Alternatively you can start your own collection of erotic DVDs or Blu-Rays so that you always have something on hand to get him or her in the mood when the time is right.

6 - Read erotic novels to each other

Just like sexy movies erotic novels can be a stimulating treat for both partners. While many people enjoy reading erotica it can be even more sensual when your partner reads it to you.

Rather than reading the whole book find some selected passages that apply to your sex life and read them to your partner. Perhaps something about an adventure that you'd both like to try or a fantasy that you would both like to act out. Even better still try acting out some of those fantasies right after you read them.

Bedtime reading was never so much fun!

7 - Play hard to get (but not TOO hard to get!)

Sometimes denial can be exciting. When you were first dating one of the stimulating things about having sex was the fact that you were never 100% sure that was going to happen. But after you have an established sex life it becomes as regular as your dinner schedule and that can take a lot of the excitement out of it.

Tease your partner with promises of erotic adventures, but then tell them that you aren't ready for it just quite yet. Put an erotic thought into his or her mind and let it linger for a while, then pretend that you’ve forgotten about it. It will bring his or her desire up to the boiling point while giving you an incredible sense of control.

But don't play too hard to get, that can be a turn-off. Give them occasional hints that the fantasy that's burning in their mind is still a possibility and of course eventually make that fantasy come true.

8 - Whipped Cream!

For a real tasty erotic treat you don't have to look any further than your refrigerator. Canned whipped cream is a lot of fun for both partners! Spread on each other's bodies and lick it off (if you're on a diet you might want to go for one of those whipped cream substitutes)!

Just be sure that whenever you practice this delicious treat that you are prepared for the sticky mess that it results in. A plastic sheet is a good idea and sometimes you may prefer to engage in this activity on the floor instead of in your bed, or maybe even in the bathtub.

And speaking of bathtubs, you'll both need a good shower after this - and that brings us up to our next tip!

9 - Take a shower together

A warm sensual shower is a great prelude to hot sex and can also be a relaxing aftermath to a night of erotic adventures. Washing each other up and soaping each other in the tight confines of your shower can be a great way to get close to your partner.

Loofahs, washcloths and sponges can add to the pleasure and as a bonus having someone else to wash your back is much better than using a back brush!

Just remember that your shower can be a slippery place so be careful not to fall. And don't neglect the time you spend drying each other off too. In fact you may never want to leave the bathroom!

10 - Sexy wake-up call

Start your partner off in the morning with a sexy wake up call. Slow caresses, kisses and tantalizing teasing are a much better way to wake up that an annoying alarm clock! Just remember to do it gradually, especially if your partner is in a deep sleep.

A wake-up call like this can make morning a lot more fun. Try and time your wake-up call to give yourself plenty of time to have an erotic adventure before you get out of bed and start your day.

When a day begins like this you'll find yourself enjoying getting up in the morning!

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