7 Best Online Dating Strategies

1 - Have a great dating profile

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. this is true in many aspects of life but especially in online dating.

Your dating profile is the single most important element in your online dating strategy. A good profile is a way to separate yourself out from the crowd and can get you noticed within a sea of other profiles.

Put a lot of effort into your profile, make it stand out from the crowd. Write an interesting and entertaining description about yourself highlighting all of your positive points. Make your description fun to read, make it intriguing so that your prospect will want to learn more about you.

We have a whole article about writing a great dating profile check it out here.

2 - Remember to “Sell Your Brand”

When you're engaging in online dating you are actually marketing and the product you are marketing is yourself. As with any marketing strategy branding is very important.

Try and think of yourself as a product. This may sound a bit cold and informal but it actually works when it comes to marketing yourself on an online dating service. If you are a stylish guy or gal make sure that you show it in the photos that you include with your profile ( photos are a very important part of your online dating profile as we’ll cover in a minute)

If you have specific interests or hobbies make sure that you mention them, unless of course they're something so weird and freaky that nobody would possibly want to get near you after hearing about them (spending your days photographing gravestones for example may not be something you really want to mention in your online dating profile!).

One of the key rules of marketing is to try to put yourself in the customer's shoes and see what he or she would respond to. Apply that rule to your online dating profile, try and put yourself in the shoes of the partner that you would be most attracted to and imagine what sort of “brand” or persona they would be interested in. Then market yourself with that brand and keep the marketing efforts up during your contacts with your perspective new lover.

Of course don't try to be someone that you aren't as this will only cause problems and grief for both of you in the end.

Think about it you have a lot of positive characteristics that make you unique so now is the time to market them.

3 - Have awesome photos

Pictures are everything on an online dating profile. You can write the most creative material describing yourself but without a picture the number of prospects you are going to attract will be very diminished.

It might actually make sense to have some pictures taken by a professional photographer or at least by a friend who is good at photography. A good photographer knows how to highlight your best features and while I would never suggest having a photograph altered or photoshopped it is a good thing to always have them take a picture of your “best side”. You've probably heard the saying that “the camera adds 10 pounds to you”, it actually isn't necessarily true - in fact a good photograph can even make you look slimmer than you actually are.

Selfies and pictures from your Facebook page might be a lot of fun but they really aren't the best pictures to use on an online dating profile, at least not as your main image. An occasional selfie is fine as it shows the fun side of you.

One very important thing try and avoid is having any pictures that feature you with a group of people as these can be confusing for prospective mates. In extreme cases they may not even know which of the people in the picture is actually you! On a hetrosexual dating site featuring pictures of yourself with someone of the opposite sex can be no less than disastrous. Pictures of your ex’s have no place on an online dating profile.

4 - Move from Online to the “Real World” fast

Meeting and chatting with someone online is exciting and fun but it pales in comparison to meeting up in the real world. If you want to be successful at online dating you have to get away from the computer and out in public. That's why it's so important to have that first date as soon as possible.

The first date does not have to be a romantic or even expensive affair. A simple meeting for coffee or lunch might be a great way to start to get to know one another.

Moving out to the real world is important for two reasons. First it lets you both get an opportunity to see what you're really like together and if there is any potential for a relationship here. After all if you can't have a good time together on your first meet up it's unlikely that it's worth pursuing this further and both of you can get back online to look for more suitable mates.

The second reason is that you can become trapped in a cycle of constantly contacting people online but they're never going any further. While it's important to use the online experience to eliminate any obvious incompatible partner's it's even more important to remember that this is online dating and the purpose is to actually date! Get out there and have some fun!

5 - Don’t message every potential partner at once

When you sign up for an online dating service and start to browse all the exciting profiles the number of potential mates out there can be staggering. The temptation of course is to reach out to every one of these potential mates.

While messaging every interesting profile might seem to be a good strategy for actually obtaining a date it can become overwhelming very quickly. Each one of these profiles is for another human being and in order to have a relationship with them you need to invest time and interest in each and every one of them. As you probably have other things going on with in your life such as your career It's unlikely that you'll be able to devote the appropriate amount of time to developing each one of these relationships to its full potential.

Instead start off by messaging just one or two of your potential partners and see how it goes from there. Remember they are also shopping around and you'll soon find out if the two of you have reason to continue contacting one another. If it doesn't work out then just move on to the next one. But don't overwhelm yourself by trying to contact everyone at once, after all online dating is supposed to be a fun experience and not a frustrating one.

6 - Know how to spot scammers

It's a sad truth that there are scammers out there and the media has been full of horror stories about scammers on online dating services. While services like MeetMe2Nite do screen their applicants they can only do so much and so it is important to be able to recognize the signs of a scammer or a fake profile before you waste your time and perhaps even break your heart.

Google’s Picture Search feature is a good tool to use. Just open a picture from your prospective mate's profile in a separate tab or window in your browser (this can be done in most web browsers by right clicking on the photo and choosing “open in separate tab”). Then take the URL (web address) of the photo and paste it into Google Picture Search. Online scammers often use stock photos or photos taken from other people's Facebook pages and the picture search will show you all instances of photos that look a lot like the one that you're searching for. If you see a dozen different names using the picture or links to a photo service like Shutterstock it’s a sure bet that it’s a fake.

Another tactic that can be used once you have met online and have gotten to know each other a bit is to ask for a link to their Facebook and other social media pages. This can tell you a lot about a person. Look specifically for inconsistencies in their Facebook profile and on their dating profile.

Never enter into any Financial agreement or arrangement with someone you meet on an online dating site and always have your first date or meeting in a public place and always let someone who you trust know who you'll be with and where you'll be.

Online dating and be fun and rewarding if you play it safe. Just be careful, use common sense, trust your instincts and you'll have a great time!

7 - Don’t give up!

If at first you don't succeed try, try again - it's an old adage but it is so true in the online dating world. Just as in the “real world” the person that you first meet doesn't often turn out to be the person that you’ll spend the rest of your life with, or even the night with. Even if your goal is more of a one night stand it's still important to remember that you won't succeed all of the time.

If a relationship doesn't work out then just pick yourself up and get back in there. Don't let a less-than-perfect experience spoil the potential for having a really great time. There really is someone out there for you and you won't necessarily find him or her on the first shot.

Keep trying, have fun and don't give up!

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