How to Get Laid Tonight

Okay let's face it, you've come to this site for one reason - you want to get laid and you want to get laid soon. So without further ado we present a number of tips to increase the chances that you're going to get some action tonight.

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Focus on local contacts

Yes it's fun to meet people from all over the world and if you're planning a vacation somewhere it's actually a great idea to start looking into finding partners located in your eventual destination. But for most of us who aren't planning a trip it makes much more sense to focus on someone who is local.

Obviously it's much easier to get together with somebody who's in the same area that you live in. There'll be less issues with transportation for both of you and you'll probably know the same hot spots that you can meet up at. It also means you'll have a lot in common to talk about to break the ice, and that can be a real advantage during your first meeting.

So focus your effort on local contacts, it will increase your chances of getting lucky as quickly as possible!

Meet up as soon as possible

When you meet someone online on a dating site like MeetMe2Nite it's really important to take that meeting offline as soon as possible. After all you can't get physical with someone on the internet (at least not yet)!

As soon as it seems like there's something worth pursuing make a suggestion that you meet somewhere. For your mutual protection it's a good idea to meet in a public place, coffee shops are ideal or perhaps bar if that's more your scene.

Of course when you first meet someone exercise common sense. I know you're anxious to get down and dirty but it makes sense to tell someone else where you're going to be and maybe arrange to check in by phone at some point.

Have fun but always play it safe.

Look your best

This one should go without saying but I'll say it anyway. even if you click immediately online and you seem perfect for each other don't leave anything to chance. You're going to want to look as good as you can, especially for your first meeting. After all, you only get one chance to make a stunning first impression.

Nice clothes and a nice hairstyle can go a long way to achieving your goal of getting cuddly. Personal hygiene is essential, make sure you shower, shave, and smell your best. And definitely make certain to use mouthwash and toothpaste, many a potential romance has been thwarted by bad breath!

Make her/him feel extremely attractive

Remember when you first meet someone it's not all about you. Sure it's great to let them know some interesting stuff about you, after all the idea is to get to know one another a bit before you make the decision to get physical. But the real ticket is to focus on the ot>her person.

Flatter them, tell them how nice they look, maybe even how much nicer the>y looked then you'd imagined from seeing their pictures. Don't go overboard of course, false flattery is very easy to detect and is a real turn-off. But as there's likely something that attracted you to this person in the first place it shouldn't be hard to compliment them on that feature.

If you can make your potential partner feel like the most beautiful woman or the most handsome guy on the planet you've gone a long way to making them want to spend the night with you.

Focus on him/her exclusively

When you meet someone online for the first time remember the whole purpose is to hook up with that person. It doesn't matter if the most beautiful woman (or the most gorgeous guy) in the world walks into the room, You have to ignore that and focus on the person that you trying to get with.

Although it can sometimes be difficult you can't let yourself be distracted by other shiny objects and pretty faces. Focus on your date and only on your date. If he or she points out an object of beauty that just walked through the door try and use it to your advantage, tell them that you only have eyes for them and hadn't really even noticed.

Again you need to be sincere about this, if Beyonce walks into the room it's pretty hard to say that you didn't notice that she was there! But let them know that you're there to meet with them and that's really all you are interested in

Focus focus focus - that's the rule and that's the key!

Establish a common bond

Since you met on a dating site like MeetMe2Nite obviously one common bond that you have is that you both want to get together with someone and get physical. But it's really essential to find another common bond as well, as it can really go a long way to sealing the deal.

A bit of conversation should establish that bond pretty quickly. Sports and movies are two topics that can often lead to the discovery of some mutual enjoyment. You might want to refrain from discussing politics however, as you just might find that your political views are on opposite ends of the spectrum and that can be a difficult gap to cross.

Religion is another touchy subject that you might want to avoid or at least not make a big deal of, unless of course you both find that you share common beliefs in which case it can be a very strong bond.

Best bet is this to talk about a few subjects and see what your partner's interests are and then take it from there.

Get that first kiss ASAP

The first kiss is so important and essential. If it doesn't happen on your first meeting chances are it's not going to happen and if the whole object is to get laid tonight then that's definitely out of the question.

Kissing is the first physical and erotic act that most couples perform together - not just a peck on the cheek but a real honest passionate kiss.

Wait for the right moment of course, don't immediately jump on the person within 10 seconds of meeting them! But look for the opportunity and and take it. Remember that you met up on a site dedicated to getting people together and getting physical - your partner wouldn't be with you on this first date if he or she didn't feel the same.

But don't force it, if your kisses rejected or seams unwelcome it's a pretty good sign that this isn't the person we are going to wake up with tomorrow morning. Not everybody hits it off right away, so don't take it personally - there will be other dates.

Leave together

This is probably the most important thing of all. If you can leave with him or her then there's an excellent chance that you'll be spending the night with your new acquaintance.

Once you've determined that this is somebody who you definitely want to have sex with it's imperative to get that thought into their mind as well. Since you met up on a site like MeetMe2Nite there's a pretty good chance they have the same thought in mind too so this shouldn't be as hard as it seems.

Leaving together arm-in-arm is the first step to what will probably be a beautiful evening for both of you. Play your cards right and it will happen!

Good luck and have fun!

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