A Newbies Guide to Adult Dating Sites

It's impossible to deny, the Internet has changed virtually every aspect of our lives. You can use the net to do your shopping, your banking and your business research. It entertains you and informs you. And, thanks to online dating sites, the Internet can also find you a lover or even a partner for life!

Advantages of Adult Dating Sites

Adult dating sites are the new way to hookup with fun loving adventurers like yourself. Compared to "conventional" hookup methods adult dating sites have a number of advantages. Consider the differences between meeting someone in a bar or nightclub and getting together online:


It's a nasty reality but there are some not so nice people out there that you could end up meeting. With online dating you can take your time and get to know them, in a bar you need to make a quick judgement that might turn out to be the worst mistake you ever made. Women especially should appreciate this.


She may be hot and a great dancer but what is she really like? You might find out that the dream girl or guy you meet in a nightclub is completely on a different page when it comes to politics, religion or other issues that are important to you. With an online adult dating site you have the advantage of getting to know one another before you get together in person.

Your Choice

It happens a lot, someone whom you have no interest in takes a shine to you and approaches you in a bar or nightclub. As you have no interest in this person you need to reject their advance, which is an uncomfortable situation for both of you. Not the case with a dating site - you only reply to the offers that interest you. No face to face rejection, no awkward situations. You are in complete control.

Sex and Love

Let's face it, we meet people for many reasons but sex and love have to be the dominant ones. Some people want to meet someone who can become their life partner, while others are looking for one night stands or regular "fuckbuddies". Problem is that when you meet someone at a party or nightclub you never really know what they are after - hot sex or a lifetime commitment. With an adult dating site you can setup your profile to make it clear what your intentions are, so when someone contacts you they know what to expect (and probably feel the same way as you).

Special Interests

Some people love cats, other can’t stand them. Some people think that the perfect evening is to go to a movie, others would find that boring. We are all different and we all have unique likes, dislikes, fantasies and obsessions. And thanks to adult dating sites that cater to specific niches you can now find someone who feels the same way you do and who likes the same kinky stuff you are into! For many people this is the true advantage that online dating has over conventional methods of meeting people.

Getting Started - Pick a Site

The first thing to consider when you begin your adult dating adventures is which site (or sites) you should join. With so many sites out there it can be difficult to select which one to join, because of this you might even want to become a member of more than one site just to see which one works best for you.

While many online daters gravitate toward the huge mega-sites the sophisticated adult dating enthusiast knows that they will have much more success with a niche dating site, especially if they have tastes for something specific. An excellent example is analdreamdate.com, a site that caters to those with a love for anal sex. On a conventional site finding someone else who enjoys anal sex might prove challenging, but on a niche specific site like Anal Dream Date everyone who joins is joining because they crave some backdoor loving. There are niche sites for virtually every type of person, every hobby and every sexual interest.

The site you are on now, MeetMe2Nite, is specifically designed for people who want to hookup fast and who want to hookup for sex. If this is your first time using an adult dating site and if you’re looking for sex then it is an excellent selection, especially with the unique “Get Laid Guarantee” that the site provides its paid members.

Create your Profile

The single most important factor in success with adult dating is your dating profile. Many people just rush through this process, which is the biggest mistake they could possible make if they want to find that perfect someone. Because of the tendency to skimp on the profile you will have an enormous advantage over other daters if you give this step a lot of thought and consideration.

Aside from picking an appropriate user name and filling in data about your age, gender and all the obvious stuff your profile will have a text field into which you will enter a description of yourself, your interests and most importantly what you are looking for in a potential partner. Treat this area like gold as this is the key to online dating success. Open up and give a potential partner as much information as he/she can get, really let them know who you are and what you are looking for. Don’t put in details about where you live or work however, you can divulge that information to someone after you get to know them better.

Another extremely important thing your profile will need is a picture. Not just any picture, but a face shot of yourself that will inspire interest. If you have a professional photograph of yourself then put it to use, but it doesn't have to be a pro shot as long as you look good in it. You will also want to upload more photos, they also don't need to be professional but they should be clear and they should show off your best features. Try and avoid using any pictures with other people in them, it can confuse potential mates and may put them off if the other people look like your date or a former partner. Don't bother uploading pictures of your pets unless you are also in the picture and no matter how proud you are of them NEVER upload any pictures of your children to an adult dating site! And remember - what goes on the Internet stays on the Internet, so if you plan on uploading any nude pictures you might want to be careful.

Some sites like MeetMe2Nite also allow you to create a video profile. This is an extremely effective method of standing out from the crowd, and as most everyone has the ability to create video nowadays it is pretty easy to put together a short clip where you discuss yourself, your interests and what type of person you are interested in meeting. Try and talk to the camera in the same fashion that you would speak to a potential mate, this will really make your prospective hookups pay attention and if they like what they see (and hear) you'll likely be hearing from them soon.


So now you have setup your profile, added some pictures and perhaps recorded a video. What next?

This is the fun part, the reason you joined the dating site in the first place. This is the time to browse the site and see if anyone catches your interest. And if they do you will want to take the next step - the step where you actually initiate some contact.

The method you use to connect will differ from site to site, on MeetMe2Nite you can start off by sending a "wink" to someone who you would like to meet.Send them a short message first, nothing too elaborate, but just enough to say you saw their profile and were interested. If there was something specific about their profile, perhaps a common interest or hobby, then be sure to mention it. Don’t be shy about sending out a few of these to several dating prospects, the more you send the more your chances of getting a response are.

With any luck you’ll soon receive a response, you also may receive a message from someone who is checking out you and likes what they see! Either way you are on your way to potentially meeting someone new and exciting, which is what adult dating sites are for!

Just Do It!

So now that you have learned the intricacies of using an online adult dating site what are you waiting for? Join MeetMe2Nite right now, with the amazing Get Laid Guarantee you have nothing to lose and a whole lot of fun to gain.

So let the adventure begin. Go create your profile and get the sparks flying! Happy dating!

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