Spice up Your Adult Dating Site Profile

Not getting the results you’re after on your adult dating site? Perhaps it's time that you gave your dating profile a makeover. Here are a few tips to spice up your profile and attract more interest.

Have a great set of pictures, and plenty of them

You've heard that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is definitely the case on an adult dating site profile. No matter what you write in your dating profile chances are it's the pictures that will be noticed first so they have to be good.

Make sure you always use current pictures, nobody needs to see your baby pictures or your high school graduation pics - in fact those could end up attracting the wrong type of person! Whileit's okay to throw the occasional selfie into the mix your main pictures need to be excellent, perhaps even professionally taken.

Try not to have other people in your pictures as this can be confusing for your prospective partner. Have at least one full body shot as well as a close up face picture, as these are the ones that people will be attracted to the most.

Sites like MeetMe2Nite allow you to add many pictures to your profile and you should take advantage of this, as it's been proven that the profiles with the most pictures get the most responses.

Add a video

Some adult dating sites like MeetMe2Nite also let you add video to your profile. This is an excellent way to get more followers as many people still aren't using this to their full advantage, so you can get ahead of the game. People love watching videos and it doesn't have to be a long one, even a five or ten second clip can attract many viewers.

You don't need to have a professional video camera or DSLR to take the video although if you do it is certainly an advantage. Most smartphones can take very good video and if you have a tripod or some way to mount it you can take the video yourself. You could also have a close friend film you.

When you film your video try talking to the camera as if you were talking to your potential partner. You might need a few takes before you get it right, some people find it difficult to actually speak towards a video camera especially if they have never done it before. Practice makes perfect!

Don't divulge too much in your video, in fact you may not even want to give your name - instead you might be wiser to use your profile name. If your video camera puts a time and date stamp on the video leave it in that will show people how recent it is.

Definitely consider adding video to your profile!

Stress your Unique Selling Position

When you are dating online you are actually marketing yourself and all marketers will tell you that in order to sell a product well you need to highlight its Unique Selling Position or USP.

Your personal USP is what makes you unique, it’s what makes you different from the rest of the crowd. For everyone this will be something different of course and it may take a bit of soul-searching before you find your own USP, but trust me you have one.

Your USP says a lot about you and will also go a long way to attracting the type of partner that you want to be with. It doesn't have to be sexual, although being an adult dating service there's certainly no reason why it shouldn't be a bit sexy and fun.

So find your USP and share it with the world!

Check your spelling

Some people find bad spelling to be a real turn-off. Others will make assumptions about your intelligence or your upbringing simply based upon your spelling. And the sad thing is there's no reason to have bad spelling these days.

When you write your profile make sure to send it through a spell checker. You may want to write your profile in Google Docs or Microsoft Word before copying the final product to your dating site. One hint - if you do that when you paste it to your profile do a right click on your mouse and choose “Paste without formatting”. This will make sure that all the special control characters used in your word processor aren't copied into the dating site as chances are the site will not understand them and will substitute strange characters in their place. And those look even worse than bad spelling!

Stress the positive

Always be upbeat and positive in your profile. Sure everybody has negative aspects to their personality and their life but your dating profile is no place to illustrate these. Instead this is a place where you highlight all the good things about yourself, your accomplishments and the things that make you a fun person to be with and a sexy person to want to spend time with.

At the same time don't lie - any lies that you put in your profile will come back to bite you in real life which of course is what having a dating profile is all about. Just look over your profile and make sure that you aren't placing any negative items into it. This is no place for baggage, it's a place to show the world what a great person you really are.

Have a catchy opening line

When people browse profiles on dating sites they often just skim them and don't bother to read the whole thing unless something catches their interest. That's why it's so important to have a catchy opening line, something that intrigues the reader to want to learn more about you.

Look over a bunch of online dating profiles and try to find one that catches your eye. Learn from it ,see what it was that made you stop and read it as chances are that if it caught your eye than it’s catching other people's attention as well.

Try to start off with something funny or outlandish - anything is better than “Hi, I’m 20 years old and I'm single and I'm looking to meet somebody who I really really like”. You can do a LOT better than that!

Don't make yourself sound desperate or anything though. Lines like “if you've hit rock bottom and want to go even further give me a try” aren't going to do you much good, although they do illustrate that you have a sense of humor.

And on the subject of humor it's a great way to craft an effective opening line. If you can make somebody laugh they’ll want to read a little bit more. Use your imagination and don't be afraid to try a few things out, if you have a close friend whose opinion you value see what they think.

Above all the idea is to attract someone's attention.

Talk about sex but not profanely

Okay let's face it, we're on adult dating sites because we want to meet other adults and we want to have sex with them - that's really the bottom line isn't it? But having said that this is a dating site and not a porn site and you're looking for a partner, not a prostitute.

Talking about how sensual you are or how you enjoy sensuality is a good thing. Talking about how you're constantly horny is probably something that you’ll want to hold back on.

A good tactic is to describe your idea of a hot steamy evening, without going into explicit detail. Mention what turns you on or how you’re looking for someone to share an erotic adventure with. That should spice things up without becoming profane.

If at first you don’t succeed revise revise again

If after all that it still doesn't seem like your profile is attracting a lot of attention don’t be afraid to revise. Advertisers do it all the time with advertising copy - they put it out there, measure reactions and then revise it and measure again. Eventually all this fine-tuning brings in more sales, and as your dating profile is essentially an advertisement for yourself you should use the same technique.

Make some changes and wait a while, if it doesn't produce the results you’re looking for then make a few more edits. Eventually your hard work will pay off in spades.

Happy dating!

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