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Online Dating Tips

Tips to improve your online dating experience

10 Things Not to Include in Your Online Dating Profile—and What to Say Instead

This is from Oprah's website, and if you can't trust Oprah than who can you trust? Some tips for improving your online profile, geared more towards women but most points are also applicable to men

Seduction - Men Seducing Women

How to pick up women!

How to Seduce a Woman

The WikiHow guide to seducing women. A mostly common sense manual of things that every guy should know.

3 Girls A Day

Learn How To Secure More Dates, Sleep With More Women, And Find A Girlfriend Online Even If You're Not 'Traditionally Good looking', Super Charming, Or You've Had No 'Luck' At All For Year

Better In Bed By Adam Armstrong

Discover Sexual Secrets You Can Use To Blow Your Woman's Mind In The Bedroom And Make Her Call You 'the Best She's Ever Had

Seduction - Women Seducing Men

How to pick up men!

The 10 Best Seduction Techniques

Actually despite being filed in the "Women Seducing Men" category this easy-to-read slideshow is applicable to both sexes. Again a lot of common-sense stuff, which is a pattern you will find with most seduction guides. There are some good tips here so it is worth a quick look.

That's Not How Men Work

This is a guide to not only meeting and dating men, it's a guide to walking into a room and making every man in it want you.